Wild boar, venison, pigeon, patridge, seafood, lamb, piglet... We cook it all and prepare a dinning room for you to make your reunion.
Best price in the market: 6€ per guest.
Reservations: minimum 4 days in advance.


Bring your own products or ask us for whatever you want, then we cook for you to take away. Our specialities are alubiada, paella and seafood, in addition to our charcoal-grill.
Why don't to glad your week replacing the daily tupperware for a great charcoal-grilled entrecote steak with piquillo peppers? Or to forget about to cook at home and ask for a great charcoal-grilled piglet for your familiar meal?


Chorizo à la cider, charcoal-grilled chorizo, blood sausage with tomato sauce, leeks with vinagrette, bonito with alegría peppers, our pâté, cod omelet, ham croquettes, charcoal-grilled ribbs with ali-oli sauce... and to companny, a good cider or a txakoli at mid-day or mid-aftenoon. There is no better snack.

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