The foundations on which sits the Armentegi Cider house are bursting with history. The first data speak to us of dates close to 1500 b.c. , in which lifted one of the many shrines of the village of Armentia, the Santa Basilisa shirne. This religious building is still preserved on a tangible evidence within the current building: part of the dining room is divided by a stone wall with about a meter thick, with a semi-circular arch that has the main feature of not owning a voussoir central of greater size, which is why, probably, the passage of time and the own physical have done that the arc does not remain straight, but shifted to one side. In this same arc we can contemplate also a hollow in the stone to save the chalice and the cruet set.

Unfortunately, the chapel was destroyed by a fire (a fact of which still speaks to us the stone itself) and only are preserved the above-mentioned traits to attest their presence. Later, on the mid- 18th century and taking advantage of the remains, was built in its place a "caserio" (basque farmhouse) of renaissance style, stone, without arcades, lattices or arch and gable roof. It also has two heights in its main building and, unlike the typical hamlets guipuzcoa (structure of hamlet more common in the Basque Country), an additional plant to a height in the form of "L" for livestock and grain. On the roofs of the area annexed we find the most characteristic feature of this building: a spectacular beam of oak taken from a single piece that crosses the roof from side to side.

And thus we come to 1983, when the Armentegi Cider House opened its doors. The history of this house as cider house compared with that have seen their walls, is short. But this is not why it ceases to be intense: loaded with good work, kindness, taste for quality and illusion. Almost 30 years in which the most important thing has always been that the commensal enjoy a great evening.

CALLE MENDIBE 4 - Armentia - Álava - CP: 01007 Teléfono: 945 132 101 Diseño y Programación: Rara Avis Estudio Gráfico